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How long does a job posting last on the board?

Job postings last for 45 days on the AIGA Design Jobs Board. They can be edited or deactivated any time before the 45 days.

How much does it cost to post on the AIGA Design Jobs Board?

A professional job posting costs $250.00. For AIGA Members, a professional job posting costs $150.00. Internship and Pro Bono positions can be posted for free by Members, and are $75.00 for Non-Members.

Does my posting show up right away?

Yes. Job postings appear on the board as soon as you complete the posting process.

Do you have a “pay by invoice” option?

We only accept payment by credit card.

How do I edit a job?

After posting a job, you will receive two emails. One email is your receipt, the other is an email confirming the posting. In the confirmation email, there is a link to manage your posting. This contains the number of views and clicks for the posting. There are also links to edit and deactivate your posting.

Once I deactivate a job, can I reactivate it?

No. When a job posting is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated again. Please make certain you want to deactivate the job before doing so.

Can I post a job anonymously?

Yes! On the "Employer Details" page in the job posting process, just check off "Confidential" and your employer details will be hidden from job seekers. Your email address for receiving applications will be visible to job seekers, so you will need to list an address that doesn't reference the name of your company, or choose to have job seekers mail or fax applications instead.

How do I get my login information or find out about my AIGA membership status?

You can contact or call 212-710-3132 regarding membership questions.

I didn't get a copy of my receipt, who do I contact?

If you did not receive a receipt, you can contact or call 212-965-1998. We will happily send you another copy.

I have a technical problem or a question not listed here.

You can contact or call 212-965-1998 (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Eastern).

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